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misabee's sewing journal


27 March
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I love to sew, make crafts, draw, and knit, and I am always interested in learning about and trying different arts and crafts.
I have recently started working with sloper patterns to make my own sewing patterns for clothes that I design and the reproductions of clothes I like.
I took a pattern making class years ago, but I haven't really done much with what I learned until recently.
A sloper is a basic set of patterns which can be manipulated in various ways to create a sewing pattern for any garment you would like to make.

I plan to create a sloper for myself soon(based on my own personal measurements), but for now I am working with a quarter size set to save time and materials while I learn.

Last year I found out about the Japanese "sweet lolita" fashion scene. I simply adore the cute clothes you can buy from sites like Metamorphose, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and especially Victorian Maiden, but they are very expensive and wouldn't fit me well. If you are very confused about what this is, this will help: Victorian Maiden.

I am also a huge fan of Anthropologie. They have some of the most unique and brilliantly designed clothes which, unfortunately, can also be a bit pricey. :/

So my goal is to make reproductions of my favorite garments from these stores, and to design some of my own as well in similar styles.

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